Gaurko honetan ikastolako hiru ikaskide zoriondu nahi ditugu, Eibarren, Euskadiko Atletismo Txapelketan parte hartu eta lortu dituzten emaitzengaitik.

Irantzu Ares Romo: 1. postua 80 metro hesitan.
Judith Otazua Gerrikaetxebarria: 2. postua 500 metrotan.
Irati Otazua Gerrikaetxebarria: 3. postua 1000 metrotan.

Zorionak hiruoi eta segi horrela!!!



                                                                       (+) argazkiak

Ez da gauza makala, ez!  Santa Joakina eguna pozik ospatu dugu denok elkarrekin. Musika eta doinuek alaitu dute festa, eta zelan ez, gure gaztetxoen danborradak protagonismoa izan du. Kolore apur bat emateko: sandwichak, tortillak eta pastelak. Tartean, jolasak, esku-lanak eta olinpiadak.  Baina, hori gutxi ez, eta  AUPA ATHLETIC ohikatu dugu . Eta ea irabazten dugun Kopako finala.

Argazki gehiago ikusteko klikatu hemen


Rapgenda 21


Berziklapena, berziklapena
zoragarria da, zoragarria da
Natura bai, gure bizitza da.

Zaborra hemendik, zaborra handik
Zaindu dezagun planeta gure bizitzagatik!!

Gure ikastolan, lan eta lan
Ez dago superman
Baina badaukagu eskola agenda21

Hau da gure mezua
Espero dugu gustatzea



Laborategiko saioak: bihotza aztertu eta Carassius auratus karpinaren hazkuntza-tasa ikertu.
DBH 2. mailako ikasleak azpaldi honetan fin ari dira: batetik karpinaren hazkuntza-tasa ikertzen ari dira, horretarako etxean zaindu eta jaten eman ondoren astean behin pisatu eta datuak hartzen dituzte; eta bestetik bihotzaren atalak eta funtzionamendua ezagutzeko txahalaren bihotza disekzionatu ondoren gai izan dira organo honen barrunbeak arakatu eta aztertzeko.


argazkiak: (Oss) hemen    (Gernika) hemen


Sunday was a great day. The expectation was huge. We were excited but happy at the same time.

When we entered the house, the Dutch students were a little bit nervous. They met our parents, brothers and sisters. We showed them the house and where they were going to sleep the rest of the week.

After that, we went out with the rest of the group. We went to the Medieval market and we showed it them. They were surprised about the Medieval market.

Then we went to the park and to a place where you can play football and basketball. The whole class and all the Dutch students sat there. The boys were playing football and basketball and the rest of us watched.

It was great fun. We laughed and enjoyed the afternoon with each other. At 22:00 o`clock we went home. We had dinner and after taking a shower we went to bed. We were looking forward to the next day.

                                   By students who have participated in the exchange programme.

The day was full of surprises.  We arrived at school at 9 o`clock and two Basque students danced “The dance of honour” to welcome the Dutch students to the Basque Country. After that the headmistress also gave us a warm welcome in the main hall. Then we watched a video of the Basque Country and the Dutch students were given some magazines about Busturialdea and the monuments in Gernika. The Basque students gave their exchange partner information about them.

At 10:30 we went to visit the town: we saw the local market, the town hall, the park with the monuments … After that, we went to visit the Tree and the Assembly House and we enjoyed it.

At 12:00 we gathered at school  to listen to the Power Point presentations that the Dutch students had made about the Basque Country. They were great!

At 13:00 we had lunch and some people went home for lunch and others had lunch at school.

At 14:30 we split into two groups and we made a collage on biodiversity using  different materials (leaves, beans, rice, paper, cotton, pasta, pictures…). Each pair of students had a specific idea to show on the collage.

After leaving  school, we went home to change clothes to go to Mundaka to enjoy the beach. The bravest students swam in the sea.

                                                     By the students who participated in the exchange programme.

At 9:00 o´clock we went to school to watch a video of Urdaibai. After that we took the bus to the caves of Santimamiñe. When we arrived there a guide was waiting for us to visit the caves. We knew that people lived there 40,000 years ago. In 1916 the cave had been discovered by six eleven year old boys from Kortezubi. They had been playing in the area and by chance, they discovered the cave. It is 365 metres long and the animals that are drawn on the walls are bisonts, horses, bears, deer and goats. Nowdays the visits to the caves are restricted because CO2 destroys the paintings. When we finished the visit to the cave, we watched a 3D reproduction video of the inside of the cave. It was funny because we all had 3D glasses we had to wear to watch it. We looked like flies. It was beautiful to see but we had more on the programme, so we had to leave.

After lunch, we took the bus to Akorda to climb to the top of  the mountain called San Pedro de Atxarre. We walked about  2 km and it took us half an hour. This mountain is located in Urdaibai and it is 312m high. On the way up we saw trees like oaks, pines, and chestnuts. It was really hard to climb to the top because of the hot weather but it was worthwhile because the view of the sea, the beaches, the surrounding mountains, etc., was amazing.  We located Mundaka, Bermeo, Sukarrieta and the beaches of Laida and San Antonio.  After we had eaten and drunk something and recovered a bit, we had to go down to get the bus to Gernika.

In our free time, we went to Mundaka again. Some people swam in the sea while others played football. We also visited the port and took some photos. It was a nice day because we learnt a lot, but the most important thing is that we had a great time.

                                   By the students who participated in the exchange programme.

On Wednesday morning, we went to the bus stop of Villa Argentina at 9:00 o`clock and we took the bus to Bilbao. We arrived there at around 10:00.  Bilbao was decorated in red and white because of the football match of the Athletic of Bilbao.

In Bilbao the tour started in Atxuri and we walked through the old part, also called  “The seven streets”. From there, we went to see the Arriaga Theatre. Then we all walked along the river Nervion and we saw that the river is in front of the Town Hall.

We continued walking to the Calatrava bridge which has a glass floor. We took some pictures and then we had a free hour to go on our own.

At 12:00, we gathered next to the floral dog called Puppy, just outside the Guggenheim Museum. It´s a museum of contemporary international art, designed by the Canadian architect Frank Gerry. The museum was first opened to the public in 1997. We had a guided tour in English through the museum divided in two groups. We saw works from David Hockey, Danidno Ortega and Jenny Holser. They were beautiful. This museum impressed us because it is very different from other buildings in the world. It has fascinating shapes and with the sunlight the colour of the building changes.

After the visit, we had lunch in the park nearby. It was a very hot day and we played with the fountains. When we finished lunch, we assembled and took the bus to the Vizcaya Bridge in Portugalete.  It is a hanging bridge built in 1898 that links the towns of Portugalete and Las Arenas- Getxo. You can also take a lift  to the top of the bridge and walk to the other side. It´s really interesting. After we crossed the bridge we got on the bus to return to Gernika. 

We had a very good day. We learnt something about culture and we visited different important sights in Bilbao and its surroundings. We had a lot of fun doing all these activities.

In the evening we went to the Jai-Alai court to watch the football match, but unfortunately, the Athletic of Bilbao lost and we got sad.

                                   By the students who participated in the exchange programme.

Thursday became an exhausting day because of the hot weather.

At 9:10 we took the train to Busturia at the train station. We got off and had a little walk until we arrived at the Biodiversity Centre called “Madariaga Dorretxea”. We had a break of 15 minutes, and after that the group was divided up in two: the Basque students and the Dutch.

The Basque people stayed at the Centre and we saw colourful pictures of different species, stick insects, fish, posters of ecosystems, a video, information about diversity, the landscape from the Tower and the Tower itself.  We also learnt that people are different from each other in only 0,01%, that dogs have evolved from the wolf, the different oceans zones, the fight among animals for eating, reproducing and locating their territory, and also where the biosphere reserves in the world are.

Meanwhile, the Dutch students had a walk down a hill for 30 minutes. They visited a birdspot house for watching birds and learnt some facts about nature: the area and the animals which live in the Urdaibai Biosphere. After that, they walked back to the Centre and had a break there before it was their turn to visit the Centre.

The Basque students then played a game with some clues and they needed to answer some questions.

After lunch we walked to the beach in Sukarrieta to refresh ourselves a little bit because the temperature was 35º. There we spent some time sunbathing or wetting our feet. Everybody went to the water, but we didn´t swim because the current was too strong. It was really hot, so many of us bought ice-creams or cold drinks.

When we arrived in Gernika we were sweating and very tired, but it was a beautiful day.

                                   By the students who participated in the exchange programme.

We started the day by writing a chronicle about the week we had spent in Gernika and its surroundings. We worked with our exchange partner on laptops.
We had a half an hour break and at 11:00 o`clock we showed the other students the collages we had produced on Monday. After that we learnt some traditional Basque dances. Mertxe Arandia taught us.  We had a great time because it was fun and we laughed a lot.

After lunch, we played some traditional Basque sports: txokor-batze, saku-lasterketa, and soka-tira. Afterwards, we went to the Jai-Alai court to watch a match of Basque pelota. This is the version known outside Europe as Jai-Alai. It is called zestapunta in Basque. It uses a special glove that extends into a long pointed curved basket (hence the name), almost 60cm long in straight line and 110cm by curved line. Two Basque students of the exchange programme played the match and then the Dutch students had an opportunity to try it. They liked it and some of them were quite good, specially the girls.

After school we had some free time to buy the last souvenirs. In the evening we had a farewell dinner in the school dining-room with the four teachers involved in the programme and the headmistress of our school. 

Everybody agreed that the exchange programme had been important to practice our English and to make new friends whom we can continue to be in touch with.  We think it has been successful because we have also learnt about new places and our different cultures.

On Saturday we enjoyed ourselves and we spent a lot of time with our friends. We had to say good-bye on Sunday morning since the bus left at 12:00 o´clock to the airport.

                        By the students who participated in the exchange programme.




DBH 1. mailako ikasleek, joan den maiatzaren 11an Baldatika errekaren egoera aztertzera joan ziren, uretatik zuzenean parametro ezberdinak neurtu zituzten; hala nola, nitratoak, fosfatoak, oxigeno disolbatua, ph-a, amonioa…..
Era berean ibai ertzetako landaredia ere aztertu zuten eta fauna arrastoak ere.
Taldeka zortzi puntu ezberdinetan egin zuten laginketa eta euren esku utzi zen datuen bilketa.
Ikastolan 12.30etarako egon ziren bueltan prest ikasketekin jarraitzeko.



Joan den maiatzaren 6an etorri zitzaizkigun Holandako Oss hirian dagoen Maasland College ikastetxeko 22 ikasle eta 2 irakasle aste bat pasatzera bertoko DBH 3. mailako ikasleekin. Ikasle bakoitzak hartu du bere bikotea etxean eta astean zehar aparteko programa didaktikoa burutu dugu Biodibertsitatearen inguruan. Beste helburu pedagogiko batzuez gain, ingelesa praktikatzeko eta beste kultura batekoekin harremanetan jartzeko aukera paregabea da.
 Hurrengo egunetan izango duzue informazio gehiago astean zehar egindakoari buruz. 


Apirilaren 26an, DBHko 3. eta 4.mailako, Frantses eta Urdaibai ikasgaietako ikasleek, irtenaldia egin zuten Txingudi, Baiona eta Biarritzera.
Txingudin aukera paregabea izan zuten hegaztiak gertutik behatzeko, bai eta hezegune horretako ezaugarriak eta baldintzak, Urdaibaiko padurarekin konparatzeko aukera izan ere.
Bestetik, frantseseko taldeak Baionako merkatua ezagutu zuen. Han, solasaldian ibili ziren bertako saltzaileekin. Ondoren, Euskal museoa bisitatu eta Lapurdiko hiriburua zertxobait gehiago ezagutu zuten. Arratsaldean denok elkarrekin, Biarritzeko hondartzatik eta kaleetatik zehar paseatzeko  aukera izan zuten.
Hain egun adierazgarrian, etxerako bidean 4 minutuko isilunea gorde zen, duela 75 urte gure herrian gertatutakoa gogoratuz.



Datorren maiatzaren 4rako ikastolan antolatu da ikasle ohien afaria. Iluntzean, 20:00etan izango da eta ikasle izandako guztiok zaudete gonbidatuta. Giro polita izango delakoan gaude.